share at social

Our students are members of our community who are currently unemployed or underemployed and looking for a new start. During and after the program, students will receive ongoing support to remove barriers and continue accomplishing their life goals.   We have received the support of great foundations and philanthropists that have provided funding to build out our restaurant at 1819 Elm St, which will be opening in the beginning of 2019.  As a social enterprise, we expect our restaurant and training program to be fully self-sustaining on revenues from the restaurant.  

However, the heart of Social O.T.R. is community.  We have designed the restaurant to center around shareable plates and shared tables.  We hope to cultivate community and shared experiences inside the restaurant.  This is where you come in, we have designed the 'Share at Social' pay-it-forward program to give you the opportunity to contribute to and help a broader range of our community enjoy Social O.T.R.

A portion of the funds raised will be reserved to provide an amazing dining experience to the families of our students to celebrate their graduation. We will also be working closely with local organizations to offer this experience to members of our community who may not otherwise have the means to join us.  We hope to spread community and positivity by inviting customers the chance to participate in these random acts of kindness!  

In addition, perhaps you would like to thank a public servant (police, fire, etc), or a nurse. Maybe you think the most difficult job in the world is a grade school teacher, and you'd like to treat a teacher to a meal. You decide who you want to help experience Social O.T.R., and we will make it happen. 

Help us keep the heart of Social O.T.R., community engagement, going strong.